Friday, October 28, 2016

A Mug ! Full of Love

Gifts always bring that smile on your face, they are always special in a way.

A few days ago I got a gift, this hand painted "MUG" which is full of love , thoughtfulness and wrapped with all the warmth.

I don't have enough words today to show my gratitude and thankfulness on this sweet gesture by 9 year old Anoushka, my dear Angel Friends daughter.

Teaching them that making a gift is an act of thoughtfulness and it takes time and patience. The values taught at this age stay life long, I believe that words are important to show or express things but actions speak louder...

This  gift makes me feel that I am cared for, thought for and there is a moment of connection.

Yes ! God has been a bit selfish in depriving me with a daughter ! But I have my moments with few super cute daughters of my some dear friends who share a bit of bonding with me.

Makes me feel special.

Then gift which locks in wonderful memories that I am going to cherish for  lifetime.

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