Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebrating Myself

When I think of being a woman!!! I ask the question to myself,” What it means to be a woman? “.

Every time we are asked to fill up the form of any kind, it has an obvious check box male or female. Separate but equal, different but equal. Men and women are different and I am not saying for good or for worse, but there is a difference and this difference should be celebrated.

When I truly look at myself, as who am I as a woman I am astounded. Yes, I love my femininity and the power that goes along with it. I am celebrating that …..

We are the representatives of creation, we create a form from the formless in the course of nine months, we are the giver of life and I am celebrating that…..

I am loving the journey , I have travelled so far as a daughter to my parents, a sister to my siblings , a girlfriend/a lover /a wife to my husband and most important role which I play now as a stay at home mother.
I do not work (how terrible it may sound to few!!!). But  I have lot of tasks to do , the laundry that piles as fast as it was cleared, picking the toys that litter around the house , the finger prints on clean  glass door, be a chef for the house and once in a week for the guests, , to check the foreheads of the loved ones ( to see if they are warm ), listen to the dream my son has when he is going to be an adult, do homework ( as much as that I can get a degree again ), play games ,( even though it means just to repetition of what we have done innumerable times ). But I don’t work!!!! I am not contributing to the family in monetary terms but, my contribution is beyond, from dusk to dawn caring, loving, nurturing, listening and I am celebrating that…..

I love to sacrifice what all I have or known for the people in my life, but I also stand up for what I believe in and fight to get what is rightfully mine!!!! And I deserve to have it.
I have enough sugar and spice in my life, the family plays the sweet part and I add up to the spice by being what t I am and what I want to be following my dreams. I am celebrating that…….

I spread warmth and love, I share a smile and I endure as well. I am tender yet strong, I feel the pain and I control the anger, I work hard and sweat and bleed, but just to see my family happy at the end... I am celebrating that…

The only thing I expect is I want to be appreciated for my accomplishments, admired for the love, and loved for my passion and emotions.
I am Me!!!  A bit different than other, and I need to be proud of that. I have a voice and I can make choice as well.

My life is moving in the direction I could not ever imagine. A choice to be a woman, proud of what I am and I am celebrating that…..

This article is for the Women's Web Contest